Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Review on “Reinventing Jesus” by Daniel B. Wallace, M. James Sawyer, J. Ed Kromoszewki

By D. Adams(Ham) 
December 4, 2006
This book boldly answers the most common expostulations raised against Christ by the skeptics. The authors cover the historical controversies, and the questions posed by The Da Vinci Code, Jesus Seminar, Acharya S., Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, and the likes. The topics include; Oral traditions, memorizing culture, textual criticism, canon, the Jesus mythical god parallels, council of Nicea.
The authors have embarked on a journey into the insights of the historical accounts of the first century culture that memorized oral locutions in a community setting. This book exemplifies Christianity on a positive level, not so much as merely answering the claims set forth the by skeptics. The authors point out the erroneousnesses of the skeptic mindset, and their discrepant partial construction of the facts.
An immense number of pages cover textual criticism and the canonization of scripture. The book commences with terms such as; source criticism, redaction criticism and literary dependence of the Gospel writings and the oral tradition and a memorizing culture. In the last chapter the Christ mythers originally set forth by James Frazer in 1906, the book answers back with a death blow to these concepts by exposing their frail and fragile constructs by the misuse of Christian terminology.
In conclusion, "Reinventing Jesus” may have a misconceived incantation at first glance, but nevertheless the book is a great resource for the newfangled and the well-seasoned Apologist. This book is an absolute must have for anyone entering the debate arena.
My opinion of the book is that the authors have spent a great deal of time (decades) in their research. It is truly time for other scholars to step up and answer the claims of the skeptics. This book may well be the start for a new gyration of inspiration of upcoming apologetic authors. You can find a helpful set of endnotes (64 pages to be exact) and handy resources for further reading. I highly recommend adding this book to your shelf as a valuable reference tool whether you are an apologist or lay Christian.