Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What does it mean to be created in the Image of God (Imago Dei)?

Personality: Like God, people are individual beings with self-consciousness.
Eternality: Like God, people will exist into eternity.
Relationality: Like God, people have a capacity and drive for relationships.
Volitionality: Like God, people have the freedom and ability to make volitional choices according to their will.
Rationality: Like God, people have the ability to think, contemplate, and reflect on abstract ideas, future plans, and past events, advancing toward a more beneficial existence through problem solving.
Spirituality: Like God, people are spiritual beings possessing an immaterial part of their constitution.
Physicality: Unlike God, people have a material part of their constitution that is corporeal. But like God, people have senses that come as a direct result of our physicality, such as man’s ability to see and to hear.

Morality: Like God, people are inherently moral creatures, understanding that there is good and evil (although this was gained as a result of the Fall).
Dominionality: Like God, people have been given authority to rule over creation, using all its resources for their benefit, enjoyment, and survival.

The Theology Program (C. Michael Patton)